Reasons for Hair Loss


For centuries, men, women and even children have had to endure the embarasment and emotional pain caused by hair loss. There are number for reasons for hair loss. Some people experience higher level of hair loss after illness or some weeks after surgery. The other reasons for hair loss are chemotherapy regimens used in cancer therapy and anticoagulants. The hair will return to normal once the medication has been stopped.

Other reasons for hair loss include too much vitamin A and anti-depressant therapy. The physical reasons for hair loss are over or under-active thyroids, certain fungal infections and hormonal imbalances. Even underlying problems such as lupus or diabetes may result in excessive hair loss.

The common reasons for hair loss in an individual varies from genetics, pregnancy, diet, improper hair care, cancer treatment and illness. Male pattern baldness is noticeable among many men, which is marked by thinning hair near the forehead and at the crown. If it has not stopped by using suitable medications, it can eventually remove all the hair on opt of the head. Hair loss can be inherited from their mother, their father, or from both parents.

The other essential reasons for hair loss are as follows: –
· Toxic substances
· Severe radiation
· Illness and infectious diseases
· Heredity factors
· Ageing
· Hormonal Imbalance
· Injury and impairment
· Nervous disorders

Pregnant women may notice hair loss problems within a period of about 3 months after delivery. This is also attributed as a reason for hair loss. During pregnancy, high levels of particular hormones cause the body to keep hair that would normally fall out. When the hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, that hair falls out and the normal growth and loss cycle starts again.

Improper hair care can also be one of the causes for hair loss. Excessive combing or brushing, hair styles such a ponytails or braids, which pulls at the hair, and last but not least the over usage of chemicals such as bleaches and dyes. Although these are the reasons for hair loss due to improper hair maintenance, physiological imbalances such excess production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

An excessive level of DHT influeces the growth cycle of a hair by preventing the availability of the nutrients to the hair thereby causing excessive hair falling.

Deficiency in Protein and Iron is found to be the major reasons for hair loss. The hair falling is noticed extensively only after the body recognizes the deficiency. This happens after about three months of deficiency. This can easily be achieved by the dietary inclusion of proteins and Iron.

Medications prescribed for blood pressure, arthritis, depression, and birth control pills are also among the reasons of hair loss. Stopping the medicine and select another type of medicine and contraceptive is the best way to treat this condition.


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